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Experts: Donald Trump Will Lose Economic War With Turkey

ISTANBUL - Turkey - Donald Trump's fight with the Turks is ultimately a longterm loss maker for the United States and its influence within the region.

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One thing is certain about Turkey is that it is strategically a mass of land that is crucial in global terms.

Donald Trump’s economic war against Turkey, including sanctions and tariffs, is misguided, and will eventually cause the U.S. a lot of financial as well as military pain. Geopolitically, Turkey is a crucial NATO partner, and not only holds the keys to the East but has the second largest army within the Western military construct. The country’s strategic placement is crucial to Middle Eastern stability as well as the former Soviet countries bordering it. Furthermore, plans for any attack on Iran by Trump would be halted unless there is cooperation with Turkey.

Turkey controls the energy corridors from oil rich nations within the Caspian basin, and although the United States now produces much of its own energy, it still imports more than half of the oil it consumes.

Turkey’s role as a bridge between the West and the East is also of utmost importance. Instead of petty disagreements making mountains out of mole hills as President Trump is doing now, he could be forging new alliances and increasing America’s strategic hold on the area.

To thus underestimate the resolve of the Turks is a grave miscalculation by Trump, and he will ultimately lose any attempt to undermine the country economically in the longterm, because Turkey will look further East and into Africa as it is already doing. Already, closer bonds are now being tied with African nations, Russia, China and even Iran by Turkey, as it moves away from U.S. and EU influence or trade aspirations.

To lose Turkey, as Trump is doing is a grave mistake, and will isolate America further leaving it alone in any future conflict.

Turkey is now the biggest investing power in Somalia, and are achieving more now, than the Americans could ever dream of doing in the past. They are building large military bases, schools, hospitals and roads around the country and securing large amounts of commerce and vital raw materials.

While no one was watching, the Turks have broadened their influence in a country no one dared to try and tame. One only has to watch Black Hawk Down to see what happened when the U.S was last in Mogadishu.

The Turks are even establishing military bases in Sudan, and have increased their reach across the whole of the African continent.

No wonder America is now threatened by the Turks, especially as it moves into countries the US dares not bother with.

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