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Is There Anyone Who Hasn’t Taped Trump Behind His Back?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The search is on to find someone who has not recorded President Donald Trump without his knowledge.

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One would have thought that there would be some sort of security in the White House, especially with the amount of threats thrown at the Teflon Don president daily, but there seems to be none. Does Donald Trump have a security detail?

“I taped Trump when he said the L word. Yep, he uttered the word ‘linguini’ right there in the Oval Room while I was present,” a former White House worker, and disgruntled book writer revealed to CNN.

Another disgruntled former employee, Fargas Meticulo, recorded Trump say the ‘N word’ not only once but multiple times.

“He kept saying ‘No’ I will not do that, ‘No’ I will not speak to that person, etc, etc. I was so shocked that I recorded it all, and now it’s all over MSNBC.

Even the White House cleaner, Matilda Manahure, has recorded Trump, and has a whole library of recordings. She did not even have to use a micro recorder, and put a microphone on the president’s desk in full sight of everyone.

“In the morning I gets up and I have me an old tape recorder from 1987. I fixes da thang up and takes it to the What Hass! When the Donald’s comes in he don’ even aks me why I am carrying a tape recorder in ma hands, so I clean up his mess on the desk and record away as he tawlks!”

Mrs. Manahure, repeatedly heard the president say the ‘F word’.

“I heard da prez say the word ‘fiduciary’ multiple times and was dang disgusted. I don’t even know what the fuck it means!”

Message to the Teflon Don, get some security dude…

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