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Trump Tries Out Eco Electric Chair to Promote Exiting Climate Change Accord

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Made from sustainable materials like hemp for the straps and recycled steel delivered specifically from Turkey with 50% tariffs, the eco chair powered by solar panels can pass 150,000 volts of electricity through a person without even blowing an EU certified eco lightbulb. The perfect gadget for eco conscious Donald Trump.

The creator of this genius piece is not exactly the epitome of science or engineering but some artist called Dave Bishop who is exhibiting the frying art at the Surface Gallery situated somewhere deep in Nottingham, the land of Sherwood..

Fry like some piece of bacon

The Teflon Don, if he parked his wide arse on this gadget would fry like a piece of fatty bacon, and the artist says he even tried it out by frying a full English.

“This thing can do a good fry up. All powered by the sun. Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, slap on the baked beans, some deep fried bread and some sausages sourced from the local farm. It’s fucking fantastic. Can’t wait to see the Donald on it.”

We did not ask the artist whether he plans on sending the chair to Washington D.C. but he has had some interest from the American Democrat party who want to smuggle it into the Oval Office and replace Trump’s desk chair with it. The gallery was mysteriously contacted by a woman called Hillary trying to disguise her voice.

Priced at over £1 million, it’s a bargain for saving the planet.

Come and check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us.

Journey to: http://www.surfacegallery.org/

Surface Gallery
16 Southwell Road

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