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Kompromat: Putin Has Trump By the Balls

HELSINKI - Finland - Trump's poodle like actions with Vladimir Putin belies a deep Kompromat secret that must not be revealed at all costs.

There is a very good reason that Donald Trump’s visit to Helsinki saw the U.S. president cowering like a little poodle when the Grandmaster chess genius, Vladimir Putin turned up.

The Russians have key Kompromat documentation and photographic, video evidence about Trump’s past visits to Russia and what he got up to.

Allegedly, the Russians have extensive footage of Trump’s visit in 2013 with numerous prostitutes urinating on a hotel bed where Obama once slept, then indulging in ‘golden showers’.

Igor Federov, an observer revealed the ins and outs of the situation.

“One can see the fear in Trump’s eyes as he cowers before his master. All it would take is one wave of the hand, and Trump would not only be completely disgraced, but he would no doubt be impeached and thrown to the dogs. Trump agreed to every word that Putin said denying all knowledge of U.S. electoral tampering, and in the light of the recent Novichok poisonings in the UK, he did not even mention that either. This is a classic case of Kompromat.”

One Associated Press reporter, Jonathan Lemire, seeing how the president sheepishly cowered in Putin’s presence, even dared to ask Putin whether the Russians had any compromising material on Trump. Putin of course masterly denied the fact, although Trump practically sank into the podium.

The Steele dossier commissioned by lawyers working for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election campaign can be read in full here.


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