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Socialism Needs Poor/Ethnic People, it Exploits Them and Keeps Them Down

LONDON - England - Socialism as a political ideology profits from the misery of poor people and exploits migrants for their own electoral agenda.

Socialists all over the world are essentially farmers, they farm people who are poor, ethnic, disadvantaged.

Socialism farms the poor and ethnic minorities for a number of reasons: funding, and votes.

This is why socialists welcome mass migration, because essentially they are exploiting the suffering of migrants desperately seeking help — to gain voters in elections.

“Once we help legal and illegal immigrants into our country, then we ply them with free benefits/housing/education/healthcare and these poor migrants will vote for us at each election guaranteed. It’s a no brainer. Look what Tony Blair did, he let in over 4.8 million migrants in less than two years and won two elections. The more migrants we let in, the more guaranteed votes we get,” a Labour spokesman revealed.

Suffice to say, voting for a party other than socialist is not going to happen in any general election by a migrant who was helped in by socialists. This way, the socialists build up a vast base of voters made up of poor people, migrants, and other marginalised elements.

Socialists at the top of the pyramid either in media or politics are extremely rich, and they utilise poor people as their pawns for virtue signalling political displays. It is therefore in the interests of socialists to keep poor people poor, and preferably dumb. This is why under any socialist education system the curriculums are dumbed down to a level of idiocy, or retardation.

“As socialists we certainly do not want an awake public, we want people to follow us blindly and without question. This is why the Millennial generation are so pliant, they do not want freedom, in fact they rally against freedom. They have been dumbed down so much and indoctrinated by socialists, they have no thoughts of their own. For socialists, this is brilliant, because we do not want ethnics or migrants or poor people to wake up and see how we are exploiting them,” another socialist Labour party official said.

Socialism is a strand of Marxism, and ultimately a cousin of communism, however, today’s students, who are so indoctrinated in socialist political ways, are too blind to see that they are ultimately moving towards full blown communism, which is the final hurdle for socialism.

Those at the hierarchy of any socialist party always hide their assets, and always claim to be working for little or nothing, whilst of course dining in the best restaurants, and milking the system for as much as they can. An example of course would be the previous American president Obama, who spent over $189 million of taxpayers money on holidays for him, his entourage, his wife’s entourage and their kids. Obama milked the nation out of so much money that during his tenure the deficit rose from $9 Trillion to over $23 Trillion. Now that’s socialism at work. Spend, until other people’s money runs out…as Maggie once said.

One of the biggest stooge’s of socialists of course is the racism card, and they use black and minority people as a battering ram against anything that is deemed conservative or for the nation. Socialists detest their own nation, and it is this self-hatred as well as their exploitation of minorities which brings in more votes in elections. In reality of course, the hierarchy socialists are even more racist than conservatives or equally racist, however where conservatives are more truthful in their racism, socialists would rather die than being revealed as a racist exploitative piece of shit, they would rather lie and lie to get away with any truth coming out.

Socialists out of many political ideologies are indeed the most devious and nasty, and with the use of the mostly left-wing media, they are even more dangerous when out of power. We can see this with the soviet styled #metoo movement, and the underhand techniques of mass censorship of any alternative views by leftie tech monopolies. Censorship was a very efficient tool in Soviet Russia and modern communist China, and socialists use it very efficiently today cutting down free speech with a vehemence unrivalled by any other doctrine.

Socialists need you to stay poor, they will give you more benefits to keep you in that vicious cycle of poverty. They need you to stay uneducated so they will dumb down school curriculums. Socialists will demand fast mass migration and once they get it, and it gets to election time, they will have voters ready to vote for them without question. Socialists exploit ethnic groups as a means to hit the right, and as much as they detest ethnics, they will put them as visibly in power, even though behind the scenes they will always be mere puppets to the same old white haired white men.

Socialists when in power will do everything to keep social mobility down. One thing they never want is poor people educating themselves and moving up a notch. This would mean they might eventually vote conservative. It is therefore in the socialist’s interests to keep poor and ethnic people down by putting obstacles in their way stopping them from improving their standing.

Socialism is the biggest lie that no one ever mentioned, and it is using millions of useful idiots day in day out to get the job done. Bravo to socialism. It is truly working.

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