When Uncle Hu Visited Washington

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Obama was visited yesterday by his employer to check on how things are going these days.

“There’s really nothing to see here, Uncle Hu was just visiting to say Hi and to see how the business he bought is doing? He also wanted to know how the Soviet integration in the U.S. was going. I showed him that the U.S. is working well for China and that Uncle Hu’s purchase was under control,” Barack Obama said at the White House Oval Room.

Since China purchased the U.S. last year at a very competitive price, China’s portfolio of acquisitions has increased remarkably.

Mr Hu said at a recent conference: “Not only have we purchased large swathes of Europe, but we now own most of America too. We made so much money manufacturing cheap plastic trinkets for you suckers that we don’t know what else to buy. Hey, maybe Australia might be next on the list, or how about those fathead Japanese who are in so much debt?”

After the photo call in the Oval Room, President Barack Obama was seen bowing so low to Uncle Hu that he practically kissed his shoes.