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Green Party Member Prosecuted For Driving Recycled Road Kill

READING - England - Green party member Tim Greenfield has been prosecuted for driving a car made from road kill.

Mr. Greenfield 62, commented “I’m an avid recycler – in-keeping with the ethical principles
of the Green party. The police pulled me over as I drove through the High Street in Reading. I asked the officer why he’d stopped me and he told me it was because my car was made entirely from hedgehog asshole.”

The attending officer at the scene said, “In other words, I have ceased you because
your exceedingly smelly jalopy is composed completely from hedgehog asshole”.

He went on, “In other words, I have impeded you because your motor is constructed totally from hedgehog asshole”.

He continued, “In other words, I have blocked you because your vehicle is formed utterly from hedgehog asshole, in other words I have averted you because your automobile is created wholly from hedgehog asshole”.

So I said to the officer “In other words, you pulled me over because my car is made entirely from hedgehog asshole?”.

The case continues.

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