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Con-Dem Partnership Condemns UK to Tax Hell

LONDON - England - The new conservative liberal democrat partnership is set to be even more left wing than New Labour, Westminster insiders tell the Squib.

After Labour’s scorched earth policy created cash black holes are finally being discovered by the Con-Dem partnership, they’re all in for a serious bombshell, and so are ordinary taxpayers.

Britain faces many years of extreme hardship and tax torture wherein the good people of Britain will be taken to the brink of destruction.

The new coalition government will not change a thing that Labour brought in over thirteen years of ruination. They will instead carry on with the Labour created Big Brother databases and network. They will carry on with the Labour created wars in the Middle East. They will also increase taxes to inconceivable levels as well as destroy any hope of economic recovery.

“The Con-Dem partnership does not plan on bringing back any form of freedom to the citizens of the UK after thirteen years of Labour hell. In fact, they will use the Labour government created Big Brother networks and will capitalise on the system to punish citizens further. Nothing has changed, and nothing will change. Economically it will get a lot worse for us because the nation now has to deal with Labour’s legacy of debts and dirty tricks they committed to sabotage the nation’s economy before they left office and escaped back to Scotland,” a Westminster insider told the Squib.

Comrade Cameron, is not a conservative in any sense. He may be masquerading as one who espouses ‘democracy’ however like all systems created by elite aristocrats: communism, fascism, socialism and democracy are all part of the same technique. They ultimately control; some may give the illusion of freedom, others are more totalitarian, however, they are all part of the same machinery, and are all rooted in the primary world religion — communism.

Whether the Con-Dems are in power, or the Conservatives, or Labour, or the Monkey Doodle party, there is no escape from the governmental system that holds everything in place. There is no escape from the Whitehall controllers, or the  EU technocrats who stay in place irrespective of who is in so-called power. Remember comrades, if you can see and hear an official dictating their laws to you on television or the radio, you know they are not in charge, they never have been and never will be.

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