Germany Needs to Give Daily Squib Money Too

BERLIN - Germany - The diligent German taxpayers should give billions of euros to the Daily Squib newspaper as well as all the poor European countries.

“If they can bail out whole countries which have gone on massive spending sprees, why not the Daily Squib? In fact we don’t have two pennies to rub together in this bloomin’ office. C’mon Germany lend us a few quid. We promise we won’t mention the war,” sub sub editor-in-chief, of the Squib, Alan Scheisse told Bild news today.

Already, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke to the Squib’s finance office pledging a few billion euros but with some of the writers lifestyles this may not be enough.

“We’re f*cking lazy. We might get in to work at about 4pm, play some snooker, watch a bit of telly, have a butchers on the Wii for a bit, then some of us might think about writing something down on a used napkin or we might just go home. I think we’ll just ask Germany to get their cheque book out and give us a big dollop of wonga, it beats f*cking working for a living,” one of our staff writers, Billy Cicero revealed.

The German leader on Monday addressed the German nation about the sense of urgency in giving the Daily Squib billions of euros: “My fellow Germans, we need to give the Daily Squib newspaper staff billions of euros in cash. I want you all to work until you are 120 years old and will make Sunday another weekday plus we might have to increase taxes again huh. Hope you all don’t mind?”