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Unelected Labour PM to be Replaced by Another Unelected Labour PM

LONDON - England - Britain's Labour party is to cling to power indefinitely according to leading Westminster political experts.

Unelected prime minister, Gordon Brown is to be succeeded by another unelected Labour minister, party officials announced today.

After his scorched earth policy on Britain’s economy and infrastructure; selling off all of Britain’s gold at the bottom of the market and increasing UK debt levels to the highest levels ever seen, Gordon Brown had a big smile on his face as he announced his resignation knowing full well that he had destroyed Britain beyond repair.

“After much deliberation we have decided to bring in another unelected senior Labour party member with no mandate to take over from the unelected Gordon Brown, who says he will resign sometime in the next five years or so. When that moment eventually comes, the British people can expect to see another unelected Labour leader causing havoc to the economy and country. Oh, and we have to also mention that we’ve got that squirming yellow bag of piss, flip-flopper, Nick Clegg on our side now too. That’s why the markets just tanked and there will be riots in the streets soon. Thank you for not voting for Labour, we’re still in charge of your demise and destruction and will be for many years to come,” Alistair Campbell told Labour’s state propaganda station, the BBC.

With the coming riots and social unrest coming to the UK, be sure to put as much as you can in your car and try to escape the country or find some place safe away from the big cities.

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  1. This is the Fabian agenda. The Labour government will then take the pound into Europe and Britain will lose its currency.The country has been hijacked by these evil people.

  2. GBP fell below 1.4900 on comments from PM Brown that the the Liberal Democrats have asked for talks on forming a government. The markets had been led to believe that a Tory-led government is close. The market is going to fall even further because of Gordon Brown’s shitty party.

    Labour have fucked us all.

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