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UK Government Wants Everyone to Live in 3D World

LONDON - England - Gordon Brown's government wants to issue everyone in the UK with 3D glasses, a Whitehall spokesman told the BBC.

The government is seeking to capitalise on the current excitement of 3D in all entertainment, and wants to issue every person in Britain with 3D glasses.

“It is our election pledge that every person in England and Wales can exist in a 3D environment. We plan on issuing the population with the special glasses so that they can live inside a 3D world,” Lewis Piper, the operations director for the government funded project told the BBC.

The new government directive is set to ‘change the way we view things’ and ‘revolutionise our lives’, Whitehall denizens claimed yesterday afternoon.

“Once you put the glasses on, you will see everything in 3D. It’s bloomin’ marvelous. I couldn’t believe it myself I tell you,” Mr Piper added.

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