Eight Years of Obama Rocked Hillary Clinton Campaign

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Donald Trump can thank eight years of Obama rule, which has most certainly lost Hillary Clinton the U.S. election.



Socialists in America have had their day, all the Marxists and Communists within the Democrat party have torn the country apart.

Eight long burdensome years of Obama, overspending on socialist pet projects, controlling, mass censorship, politically correct, gays, feminists, transexuals, inhibiting free speech, race riots, racial division, encouraging global chaos and people have had enough.

One can only hope that Black Lives Matter is buried under deep concrete never to be seen again, all the Marxist agitators are taken out into the streets and beaten with bats, and the politically correct morons are told to shut the fuck up once and for all.

The silent Americans seething for eight long years fought back, and to vote for someone like Trump was a breath of fresh air even though in an act of defiance against the whole system of corruption.

As one maverick to another, there can only be an element of respect given to Trump, who just did not give a fuck, and has in one night buried eight years of hell under Obama, possibly the worst president of the United States ever encountered.

It has to be said that eight years of blackness has ended, and we can all breathe a breath of fresh air and light, albeit with major uncertainties.

Under Trump there will be economic war with China, and there will be upheaval but anything is better than more Obama or socialists.

Trump has just grabbed the world by the pussy.