Clarkson: Never Mind Me, Just Doing a Favour For a Chipping Norton Set Friend

CHIPPING NORTON - England - Friends are good for favours, and Jeremy Clarkson likes to stick by his friends.

“You do me a favour, and I’ll do one for you. That’s why when fellow Chipping Norton-ite Dave called me up the other day, I took the call. He said, do us a favour Jeremy, can you endorse staying in the EU, and I said, gosh, sell my soul for a bunch of krauts, dagos, frogs and wops? But then he reminded me of that time I was sloshing around with the Aston and aherm, and that other thing, well, aherm. Anyway, here’s to the EU, let Britain stay in it. Besides the Germans and Italians make exceedingly good cars, so what’s there not to like?”

Poor old Jerry, looks like the PM has got him by the gangoolies..