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British Nazi Party Ashamed of Their Own Racism

LONDON - England - Some would have thought that fascists and Nazis would be proud of their affiliation with their own party -- it seems the opposite is true.

British Nazis were left reeling today when someone with a pair of huge brass balls posted a list of their names on the Internet.

The lists included thousands of Daily Mail readers who responded to the ‘outing’ with cowardly outrage at being exposed as their true selves.

It seems the racist cowards are not so courageous when the spotlight is suddenly upon them.

Take for example Joseph Hitler, 43, a mild mannered meathead who works as a policeman for Staffordshire council: “This is absolutely awful, I have been crying into my truncheon all morning, the media will now think that i’m a racist and that there is racism in the police force. What is going to happen to the forces squeaky clean non-racist image? Booh hoo.. ooh I think I wet meself!”

The utter shock that there are racists working amongst the police forces of England is sure to destabilise the whole system.

In other news, the Pope is linked to Catholicism and bears regularly defecate in the woods.

‘Yellow Cowards’

It seems the yellow piss-stained racists are a bunch of cowards.

“If you’re going to be racist you should not be an anonymous coward about it. Get up there and be responsible for your actions, not a f*cking yellow cowardly chicken,” Ranjit Gulawala, a restaurant owner from Southall told the Daily Mail.

It was also revealed in the published lists that a lot of the BNP members enjoy a good curry and vindaloo down their local curry house. Of course they do, almost certainly, the kitchen staff working in these establishments also enjoy embellishing the served up delights to the known racists with gallons of urine, faeces, ejaculate, snot and spittle.

Lap it up BNP, lap it up. Enjoy your just desserts.

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  1. The BNP have more guts than all the other spinless politicians put together. They represent the indigenous British people, anglo saxon & kelts & speak for the gutless middle classes who believe in there policies but havent got the balls to stand up & be counted. When this marxist / communist social multiclutural experiment is over, those who instigated it will be put on trial for crimes against the state, treason.It was done by the politicians without any referendum or consultation with the Britsh people. Just like we were promised a referendum on european membership, which they wont hold , because they know what the result would be. We wont to get.Democracy is dead we move on to a new phase in politics.

  2. It backfired. Big time! The British National Party are stronger than ever and ready to take on the fascist anti-fascists whenever and wherever. The pillock who wrote this piece of garbage is included in that.

  3. "The BNP have more balls than the Labour Party at least…"

    Yes, but unfortunately they have their balls where most people have brains.

  4. I’ve heard the theory that its an inside job to wipe out the BNP’s opponents – simply because me and everyone I know has been laughing so hysterically hard for the last day we haven’t got anything done to campaign against them.

    I’m seeing people close to heart attacks from the non stop hilarity. Funniest data protection breach ever (against stiff competition).

    Can’t… stop… laughing…

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