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Bush Upset With McCain VP Pick

ST. PAUL - Minnesota - George W Bush was visibly upset with Republican candidate John McCain's choice for Vice President at the GOP convention, speaking on Tuesday's broadcast by satellite.

Republicans attending the GOP convention were astounded to see the ailing lame-duck president bitterly admonish John McCain’s much-hailed VP pick, Sarah Palin.

“John McCain has disgraced our nation and our flag. His choice of Vice President is a sure sign of treason goddamit!” Mr. Bush, visibly angry, told the convention by satellite from
the White House, the trappings of the White House’s banana trees planted by George W Bush himself providing an
authoritative if isolated backdrop compared to the elaborate stage he
would have stepped onto in St. Paul. “He picked someone from Alaska? Why did he not pick someone from America?… He is a jerk for that and I want someone to look into this…I’m callin’ Dick right now!”

The satellite broadcast was then cut abruptly and even commentators for the Republican propaganda news service, Fox News, were left speechless.

Bush allies were quick to defend their leader by telling the assembled reporters that the president may not have had his morning banana feed and would therefore understandably be agitated.

“The broadcast was scheduled before the president’s morning bananas and his keeper had not turned up yet, so the president was anxious. He needs his bananas or there’s trouble,” Julie Severino, a GOP representative for Illinois told Fox news.

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