Damien Hirst Self-Portrait Sells for Record £387 Million

LONDON - England - Sotheby's has sold a Damien Hirst original self portrait for a record amount today.

The self-portrait which was painted by one of Hirst’s many assistants was sold to an anonymous phone bidder at lunchtime today.

The painting is part of the Hirst ‘Arse Series’ where he depicts himself as the contemporary ‘anal bullshit’ con-artist that he is.

“I aim to paint myself as limitless angular momentum in constant toilet flushing flux. My anal sphincter muscles loosen and expel hydrostatic equilibrium into the anus-sphere of existence and of course stick a dead fucking cow in there too,” Hirst writes in Arthole magazine.

Hirst is a well seasoned con-artist and has ripped off many artists including Gerhard Richter’s colour chart series, made between 1966 and 1974 and Austrian artist Alphons Schilling’s ‘Spin’ paintings.