Grave News as Supreme Leader Comrade Brown Hospitalised

CREWE - England - Our great supreme leader Gordon Brown has been taken ill after eating some tainted cabbage soup whilst touring the Soviet State of Britain.

Condolences for our great unelected leader

It was after dining at the Crewe and Nantwich sector during the tour of Soviet Britain that our great unelected comrade was taken ill.

Our supreme commander was attending a presentation of the British Soviet Agricultural  revolution in the Crewe and Nantwich sector when he was invited to sup on some of the food that the proletariat exist on. Comrade Brown is very proud of the British Soviet forced collectivization of agriculture that he has pioneered and the wonderful delights of simple proletariat foods.

“Comrade Brown was presented with some of the local specialty prole food, Crewe cabbage soup and a delightful side dish of cabbage pickle washed down with a gulp of weak local ale. He looked alright after consuming it and gave an almighty burp and a hearty laugh at the joys of eating food that the proletariat consume,” commissar for agriculture Hilary Benn said.

Comrade Brown was then taken ill during the inspection of the British Peoples Soviet potato display. It seems that bourgeois elements spouting their useless democratic diatribes may have infiltrated the Crewe and Nantwich Soviet agricultural festival and sabotaged the supreme comrade’s cabbage feast.

Politburo officials cordoned off the area and are combing the vicinity looking for anyone wearing a top hat and tails.

We wish our supreme comrade Brown a speedy recovery from this minor setback to his ten year plan as an instrument to the Age of Change and British Soviet Cultural Revolution.