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Obama Fights Back by Releasing Hillary Photo

VERMONT - USA - Barack Obama's campaign may have taken severe hits in Texas and Ohio, but now after being smeared by the Clintons with dubious photo releases he has shown - he too can play dirty.

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After being smeared by the Clinton’s release of a photo showing a turban headed Obama, white American voters have deserted the Obama vote in droves.

Obama’s campaigners are now fighting back by releasing an old photo of Hillary from the 1970’s.

The photo was taken in a Berkeley California nudist camp early in 1973 when Hillary and Bill had just started to live together during their time at law school.

How the Obama camp came across the picture is a mystery, however this photograph is probably one of many in a series.

“This is truly an incredible find from the Obama team. We have heard that they even have footage of the couple playing ping pong naked in the nudist camp,” a member of the McCain campaign team told the Daily Squib last night.

Hillary is shown in a typical ‘hippy chick’ pose with dark brown hair and a generous smattering of hair under her armpits as was customary in those far flung days. She even has a small tattoo on her chest with some sort of symbol.

“With the release of the topless photos of Hillary, the Barack Obama crew are hoping to destabilise the Clinton confidence. This may however backfire because the pictures show that Hillary is all woman and has a nice pair of jugs and a hot sassy body. Hell i’d even do her but i’d get her to shave first and would have to bag her,”  exclaimed political talkshow host Ed “Blitzer” Wurst on his show for Columbus Ohio station WVZX.

The election primaries are heating up for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton is so confident of a win that the Clinton camp celebrated as if they had won the entire contest last night.

Confetti rained down on Mrs Clinton as she told supporters: “We’re going strong and we’re going all the way.”

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  1. Here it is 2012–now doesn't this whole episode seem silly? Hilary Clinton is Secretary of State, Barack Obama is President and most like winner of the next presdential election. Sort of fascinating to look back and see what and how people comented 4 years ago.

  2. Sorry GLO this is another Bubbalicious Bill braggadocio about what he saw in pasties while Not Inhaling versus the Reality of what he got!! GET IT???

  3. You do realise this story is a joke don’t you? satire and irony have still yet to grace our American cousins it seems

  4. I’m voting Hillary all the way. If there are anymore pics please post them so we can enjoy more of the wonder of Hillary.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with Hillary nude, she’s pretty hot. This is a great photo and I don’t know why it’s not all over the news yet?

  6. Even if this is from him,I do agree after being smeared by the Clinton’s with dubious photo releases he has shown – he too can play dirty. But what says that this act is from Sir Obama or his campain team? Even if it is from them We’ll have to agree just to show how cool water can boil and hurt a bit.

  7. Woow, that’s a wonderful shot! What is there to be ashamed of? Being nude is great, but it can be rather boring if you have to be alone to be nude. Quite often, the approach you use to tell somebody you are a naturist will have a big impact on how they respond. Some techniques work better than others, and will depend upon the people involved.I think nudism is just natural and I think it’s horrible that it’s so frowned apoun, hidden, and outlawed in the majority of places.
    I am always naked when I can be and when I can be is only when I’m alone in my room. My family doesn’t allow it in the rest of the house and the law

  8. Its nice to see canidates looking human instead of the straight laced uptight people that they appear like on television. People idolize them way too much and if we are going to vote why not vote for someone who is human.not Godlike ..I like this side of Hillary,

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