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Disks Containing 25 Million Personal Records Found

LONDON - England - The disks containing the valuable information of 25 million child-benefit recipients was found today in a London High Street.

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“DVD DVD!” says the small Chinese woman as she hands out the disks to an Eastern European identity thief. This time it’s not the latest cinema release filmed on a camera phone, but the records and banking details of 25 million UK citizens.

The disk goes for a fiver down Willesden High Street and will keep the criminal in lucrative deals for many years to come.

On the disks are a myriad of information including NI numbers, banking information, birth dates, addresses and telephone numbers.

ID Cards

The Labour government who lost the Benefits data because of serious breaches in security and plain stupidity plan to go ahead with a national ID card scheme next year.

The ID cards will hold even more information than is needed for benefits schemes, so this will of course lead to even more lucrative catches for criminals to enjoy and exploit.

Hard Labour

This is the fate of the people in the UK. To be punished day in and day out; to have huge tax rises without anything being given back; to have imbeciles and nanny state arseh*les poncing around in Westminster while the grey, horrible, miserable plight of the people is scoffed at and ignored. The British people are a docile bunch and eat their daily punishments with a big smile on their frazzled faces. They do not utter a single wimper of discontent. Such is their brainwashed state relinquishing all free thought or fighting spirit.

The UK is now a land bereft of any hope. It is a horrible soup of inequity; a morose land boiling under behemothic debt, gridlocked roads, insane interest rates, chavs and hoodies who murder for fun, huge prices for mediocre service and a horrendously low quality of life. The Labour government and unelected leader, Gordon Brown, are true representatives of this unholy contretemps.

People do not live in the UK – they barely exist.

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