Experts: Could Obama Adopt Gordon Brown Style Scorched Earth Policy?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Scorched Earth Policy Institute, an NGO working out of the Capitol has some words for the current Democrat president of the United States.

Former British PM, Gordon Brown does hold some similarities to current US president Barack Obama, although Gordon Brown was not technically voted into office because he shoehorned himself into the job after an internal coup against Labour PM, Tony Blair, there are similarities in their ruling style.

Both Obama and Brown hold severe Marxist views and this political doctrine always falls foul of a nation’s economy, chiefly because socialism utilises other people’s money for an unlimited welfare dream, however, what happens when that money runs out? Obama and Brown knew their policies were unsustainable and yet they continued to push forward their policy of spend and forget.

It’s not only their preponderance to spend vast amounts of taxpayer cash on welfare, but the useless socialist projects and cronyistic spending that eat up the limited budget.

Just as Brown became prime minister out of nowhere, so too did Obama become president, a man with literally no past, multiple social security records and a questionable birth certificate. They were seemingly implanted out of nowhere by invisible hands.

Help always comes too late, there are of course those in government who see what is going on and want to stop it, but are powerless.

In Britain, an emergency coalition government had to be formed after the disaster of the Brown years was ended thanks to an actual election.

In America, the Democrats have lost power in Congress, leaving Obama flailing around in the dark with little or no power. His only option now is to adopt the scorched earth policy that Gordon Brown adopted nearly a year before he was ousted from power.

Obama will probably use various techniques to bring America to a complete impasse, politically and economically, maybe even racially.

If the Republicans win the general election in 2016, will they want the country back after Obama’s vindictive scorched earth policy? America will need a miracle to survive the next two years, a nation split in two in more ways than one.

One thing is for certain, just as Brown despised the people, Obama feels a deep resentment towards the American people and when that happens, there is always friction. If you pull the elastic band too far at once, eventually it has to snap back, and America’s midterm elections were a relative reaction to six years of Obama abuse.

Scorched earth policies usually work as reactions to reins of power being pulled in, they have to be subtle but effective, and Obama, the enlightened one, will blame the un-enlightened for their own demise.

The Republicans will not be able to stop president Obama in reaching his goal, it was too little too late, the cackling from the likes of O’Reilly and Beck fall on deaf ears.

America could have had destruction the easy way or the hard way, looks like they voted for the latter.