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Obola Quarantined, But For How Long?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Obola virus has been successfully quarantined, but time is running out as the infectious pathogen which infected millions in America is still around, Fox news reports, Thursday.

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“We have the Obola virus under strict quarantine and it is up to GOP officials to keep this highly contagious strain of virus under watchful eyes. Please remember to shut your eyes and ears if you encounter Obola on any media, especially where Obola flourishes in depositories like MSNBC,” a CDC official told networks today.

There are still extreme dangers around everywhere for the public, and Obola can make a resurgence infecting even more people, wreaking havoc amongst the populations, so stay vigilant and on your guard.

Thank you for reading this, this was not a public service announcement but if you wish to show your appreciation for helping the public with important information that can save your life, please bookmark this site to check for more crucial updates at later dates.

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