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Kardashian Baby Sold to Armenian Orphanage

GYUMRI - Armenia - Well, that didn't last long. According to Hollywood reporters at E, the Kardashian baby has been sold off to an Armenian orphanage due to the fact it was getting too much attention.

New Reality Show “I’m a Hate Cleric You Can’t Get Me...

LONDON - England - Based on EU policy in the UK, the latest reality show to hit our shores is so close to reality that it actually is reality.

Kim Kardashian Baby Will Probably be Given Away Within First Week

LOS ANGELES - USA - News that Kim Kardashian will give birth to her second child, the first being her reality TV career, are much exaggerated because she will probably discard the baby like a pair of unused designer shoes soon after.

Cowell Raw Sewage Injections Taking Toll

LOS ANGELES - USA - Simon Cowell, the man behind untalent shows like the X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, is showing the strain of faecal injections.

Man Arrested For Questioning Why X Factor is On the News

LONDON - England - A 46-year-old man from Croydon, South London was arrested yesterday for questioning why the X Factor was headline news across the British media.

Primitive Cave Woman Found on Britain’s Got Talent

GRIMSBY - England - Reality show, Britain's Got Talent is at the centre of an anthropological discovery that could change the face of human history as a cave woman somehow got to perform in front of millions of people on Sunday night.

X-Factor Audition Tape Released

LONDON - England - The secret of how people get onto X-Factor as judges has finally been revealed, with the leaking of a video showing a female judge being auditioned by a studio executive.

Snooki Has Situation On Her Hands

NEW JERSEY - USA - Reality starlet, Snooki has given birth to a baby boy live on the Jersey Shore TV show.

New 'Who's the Celebrity in the Jungle' Reality Show Has TV...

BRISBANE - Australia - A new celebrity show from ITV has TV audiences really confused because no one knows who the celebrities are.

Britain’s Got Stabbing

LONDON - England - Simon Scowell, Piers Moron and some dozy bint pick a winner out of the talented British knife-wielding thugs on display.

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