X-Factor Audition Tape Released

LONDON - England - The secret of how people get onto X-Factor as judges has finally been revealed, with the leaking of a video showing a female judge being auditioned by a studio executive.

The private video shows prospective ‘singer’ and X Factor judge, Tulisa Contostavrosopolos, auditioning to be on the show.

“I guess the truth is out. This is how the X-Factor works. She will certainly go far in the biz because of her expertise in auditioning for the right people,” a showbiz expert revealed to BBC Radio One.

Many X-Factor judges and production staff were furious that a private audition video was made public.

“These are private auditions that these talentless people have to undergo before going on the show as judges to judge other talentless people. It’s not just the females either, people like Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh are seasoned experts in auditioning for studio bosses and music industry people higher than them. I think it is wrong that these videos have been made public and they should be withdrawn from the whole internet,” Angela Monkfrith, a prominent member of the X-Factor production team revealed to Showbiz Today magazine.

Tulisa Constantinopopulos has said that she demands a gagging order on the video which has been splattered all over the internet by her PR people and will not rest until the video is seen by the whole world.