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Americans Wanted Obama’s Change – How About Short Change?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - They wanted Change. Well, they got short change. New president, Barack Obama drops $1.75 Trillion within the first month of entering office. Now that's what we call a budget with bling.

Michelle Obama Fashion Rocks The Dome Nightclub

WASHINGTON DC - USA - First Lady, Michelle Obama with her president husband in tow, has been seen rocking the Dome nightclub in downtown Washington.

Black In Vogue – Why Michael Jackson Regrets Whitening

LOS ANGELES - USA - Black is in vogue right now. You've got the first black president, Barack Obama, the first black Grand Prix winner, Lewis Hamilton, the most in-demand black actor, Will Smith and the world's most successful black golfer, Tiger Woods. And then there's Michael Jackson.

Club Gitmo to be Shutdown Orders Obama

GUANTANAMO BAY - Cuba - News that Barack Obama has ordered the closing of Club Gitmo has caused consternation and alarm amongst the guests.

The Woman Who Made Barack Obama U.S. President

WASHINGTON DC - USA - They say behind every great man is a great woman. Michelle Obama is the 'woman' who has moulded the new US President into the man he is today and although little is known about her, we take a rare glimpse into her world.

Uncovered Photos of Obama’s Secret Seventies Disco Funk Past

NEW YORK - USA - The Daily Squib has uncovered secret photographs from the 1970's when Obama was a P-Funk master and disco dancer extraordinaire frequenting clubs like Studio 54 and The Loft.

Obama’s Outrageous Demands Before Moving into White House

WASHINGTON DC - USA - George W Bush's office was very offended today after hearing of the new president's demands.

Barack Obama – Taking Away America's Guns

MONTANA - USA - Obama says: "There is no more need for an American to own a gun and internal arms policy will change to that effect soon enough."

Obama’s African Family Plan to Visit White House

HURUMA - Kenya - Obama's extended African family is planning on visiting their famous relative in America.

President Obama to Appear on MTV Cribs From White House

WASHINGTON DC - USA - When he's not pimpin' his ride or his wife, President Obama likes to relax in the White House gold plated jacuzzi and smoke some prime ganja whilst thinking about the next bombing campaign in the Middle East.

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