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Friday, February 19, 2021
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Carla Bruni Pregnant Who’s the Father?

PARIS - France - The search is on across the country for the father of Bruni's child, the French press and media are reporting.

Sarkozy Cursed by Gypsies

PARIS - France - President Nicolas Sarkozy was today attending a special service at a synagogue to try and reverse the gypsy curse put on his head last week.

How Muslim Women in France are Skirting Around Niqab Ban

MARSEILLES - France - After the French authorities banned the niqab for all Muslim women in the country, many Islamic women are finding novel ways around the ban.

Sarkozy to Join Travelling Circus

PARIS - France - After a humiliating defeat in regional elections, Nicolas Sarkozy has decided that politics is not for him and has joined a travelling circus troupe as a midget.

McDonald's Restaurants to Open at the Louvre

PARIS - France - In a move that may put many satirists out of a job, the world famous seat of art, the Louvre is to install McDonalds fast food stores on its premises.

Carla Bruni Outshines Bling Bling Sarkozy During UK Visit

LONDON - England - French President Nicolas Sarkozy was overshadowed by his hot new supermodel wife Carla Bruni on his recent visit to London.

Only One Cyclist Finishes Tour de France

PARIS - France - Out of 189 riders and 21 teams who started the Tour de France only one cyclist finished and won the yellow Jersey after everyone else's disqualification for drugs offences.

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