Cannes: The Silent Jewel Thief, Review

CANNES - France - Could Guy Gadbois's intriguing drama about a jewel thief causing mayhem at a film festival, be this year's Palme D'or winner?

“Gadbois’s film is three hours long, and the only problem with that running time is that by the time I had finished watching it, I had been robbed blind. Not only had my 24,000 Rolex disappeared into the ether but the lady next to me had lost her expensive necklace worth a whopping 650,000. Even so, we all stood up and applauded as the credits rolled. What’s a little theft here or there, when you have such wonderful entertainment. We all felt as if we had participated in the cinematic extravaganza itself,” film critic, Rob Loutrec told Movie News International.

The Silent Jewel Thief’s plot revolves around a film festival where drugged up and drunk luvvies and directors, as well as producers, get so caught up in themselves and their projects that they have all their expensive possessions stolen from under their noses by an expert jewel thief, Guillaume, who falls deeply in love with one of the actresses he steals from. The film was funded purely by jewel robbery and even the director was robbed on the final night of showing.

“I’ve been robbed blind, but I made a great film. I can now go back home to Paris and be robbed by Francois Hollande even more. C’est merveilleux,” the film’s director Guy Gadbois told French news channels.

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