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How to Pick a Winning Horse at the Cheltenham Festival?

GLOUCESTERSHIRE - England - This year's Cheltenham Festival will no doubt be an amazing experience for punters.

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The Cheltenham Festival is fast approaching and horse racing punters are gearing up for the biggest event on the National Hunt calendar. Hundreds of millions of pounds will be wagered on the 28 horse races run at Prestbury Park during the four-day event.

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest race meetings in the world. The four days of racing are a punter’s dream and you can get bet bonuses from this website before wagering on the horses you believe will win the races.

Winning a bet on horse racing isn’t as simple as selecting a runner and popping down a few quid. It takes time and research to determine which horse you should wager on. You should also know the stable, jockey and trainer that the horse works with. Yes, there is a lot that goes into picking a winning at the Cheltenham Festival. These tips should improve your chances of picking out that perfect horse on race day.

Know the races

When researching the horses for a race, only consider the high-level races that they have competed in. Low-level races can be misleading as the horses may have only run those competitions as warm-ups or the competition may have been lacking. High-level races give you a better indication of how they will perform at the Cheltenham Festival. The Gold Cup is the headline race of the festival and is a high-level competition like few others in the world. Punters are debating which horse will win the Gold Cup 2020 and this guide gives bettors the latest promo codes when wagering on the race.


Consider the race distance

A horse that has dominated a shorter race distance may not easily adapt to longer races. Horse experienced in longer races may also struggle when moved down to shorter distances as longer races allow them to overcome slow starts. The race distance can play a major factor in a horse’s performance, so study your selection’s race lengths carefully.
Study performance at the racetrack

The Cheltenham Festival takes place at Prestbury Park, one of the premier horse racecourses in the United Kingdom. Horse race meetings take place at the racecourse all year long. Leading up to the Cheltenham Festival, a horse could compete at the track several times. Study the horses’ performances at the racecourse in previous events as there may be something about the racecourse that either improves or hinders the horse you want to wager on.

jockey racing

Know the jockey

Experts are split on how much impact a jockey has on a horse’s performance. However, experts do typically agree that a top jockey can take a great race horse and make it even better. Before making your selection have a look at the jockey and learn about his/her past performances. The jockey could be that 5% difference that leads to a race win at the festival.

Consider the trainer’s past successes

The top trainers in UK and Irish horse racing continue to win silverware. These men and women routinely produced top-notch race horses that compete in the best events year in, year out. Along with knowing the jockey that is in the saddle, you must consider the trainer’s past successes. Although a trainer winning at the Cheltenham Gold Cup or the Grand National doesn’t necessarily mean his/her latest horse will win a race, it does give some indication that can justify you making a wager.

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