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Prince William New Haircut Causes Stir at Olympics

LONDON - England - Whilst watching the British badminton team get another gold medal, the prince showed off his new haircut to Olympic audiences.

The haircut sported by the prince seemed to channel the style of Justin Bieber, and caused a bit of a storm during the badminton match.

“It was all eyes on the prince’s new haircut. Naturally people tried to watch the exciting match between the GB team who were playing against Kazakhstan, but the suspense of watching the prince was too much,” Edgar Holinder, a BBC sport commentator later added.

The prince attended the game with the duchess of Cambridge and was seen flicking his new haircut with excitement as team GB went ahead in the second set.

“Prince William looked wonderful with his new haircut. He seemed so proud of it and touched it every few minutes. I think the Bieber-style chop suits him just fine, he certainly brings a royal tinge to the style. I can imagine a crown on his bonce with that haircut. Well done William,” an avid royal fan in the audience told the BBC.

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