Tennis is one of the most amazing games that you can’t afford to miss. The reason being that it is easy to understand. You can choose to wake up and start playing tennis. And who knows you might be the next champion. We wish that could just happen overnight but unfortunately no.

Serena Williams is a tennis icon. Who doesn’t know Serena Williams? Wanting to go against Serena Williams in a game? Probably you would want to just ask for an autograph afterwards. But we do not think people go with the intention of actually defeating her because that is somewhat impossible. Well is it?

The David and Goliath story

Guess what this 21-year-old Naomi Osaka actually went with the intentions to bring down the giant. Naomi Osaka is a 21-year-old girl from Japan. Who was fortunate to feature in the Australian opening? But little did she know that this was just the beginning of something great in her life.

As it seemed impossible to defeat the tennis giant Naomi just did. The match did not go as smooth as many real money slots gamblers would have wanted it to. With a few hiccups that Serena was accused of cheating. And her reaction was seen as violent gestures.
Can we say that this whole dilemma shifted her focus? And Naomi Osaka just got lucky? We do not think so. This is not the last we saw of the young lady.

Petra Kvitova is one of the greatest, but we saw her being given a hard time by the young lady. Petra was close yet so far. For the second time, Naomi took the title of the champion for the second Grand slam.

She sure is making a lot of noise in the industry. To be honest this really does feel like the David and Goliath story. Who would have thought that with little experience but determination you could be the most talked about person? We hope that this is not the last we are hearing about Naomi. If you are a Tennis fan and wants to see latest sports betting odds results, visit

Naomi has become hope for most young kids all around the globe. And showed the world that it is not about the exposure that you get or the experience. But if you go for what you want you will get it.