Science: Why Fooling Christians is So Easy

MINNESOTA - USA - Pulling the wool over the eyes of devout Christians or any other devout religious person is easy, simply because of their propensity to trust anything with unquestionable belief.

Feeding the Gullible Christians Lies

“It’s not just their unquestionable belief and faith, which is irrational and a form of mental illness, but their brainwashing extends to spreading their belief system as far and wide as they can. Religion is also something that is compulsorily engrained in children from a young age, and is generational. Unquestioning belief in religion is also a great tool for making brainwashed devotees commit questionable acts of depravity,” Dr. Talafar Smith, revealed in a recent research paper entitled ‘Unquestioning Belief Control Systems and Lies’.

The 400 page research paper also details methods in which those who believe fairy tales without question are a benefit to society because they can be made to believe anything.

“If you can make people believe in fairy tales and myths, then you have them for life. It has been going on for thousands of years, and little by little the brainwashing may subside as some wake up from their stupor. Controlling elements need to be aware of this and adjust the scale of brainwashing to stop any other people becoming aware of the false belief in which have been indoctrinated.”

  • Jason

    actually I questioned the bible story why did Jesus not turn water into lemonade? Why alcohol didn’t Jesus no that alcohol is bad for you and you can become a alcoholic? why did Moses have to go up a mountain when if its god he could make da tablets anywhere you don’t need to go up a mountain for dan10 coma dents ?