Revenge of the Nerds: Creating Tech to Imprison You Further

SILICON VALLEY - USA - What is it with these malevolent sadist nerds with every piece of tech they're creating these days being used to enslave humanity even further?


Tech expert Jonas Albertein, has come to his own conclusion about the nerd tech phenomenon: “Let’s just say that a lot of these nerds may look harmless, they may even act harmless, but they’re a bunch of dangerous fucks. Like they can build a drone that will murder you and your family by lunchtime, they can build software that will track your every movement, they just don’t have any morals when it comes to a nice pay packet and funding from Mr. Big.”

Where we are with hi-tech surveillance today would have made Stalin and Hitler fill an empty bowl full of saliva, that is how bad it is right now. And who created this tech? Yep, it was the nerds, the geeks, the pizza slice eaters, the spotty no-friend dweebs that prefer a Friday night in looking at a mechanics manual from 1976 to going out and getting blootered like most normal people.

Top 5 Nerd Created Tech That Has Enslaved Humanity

1) Facebook (Basically one of the most efficient data gathering pieces of software in human history)

2) Spy Attack Drones (These things can track you and kill you with precision and maximum splattage)

3) Smartphones (So smart in fact that they log everything that you do)

4) Killer Robots (They do exist and are being developed)

5) Misc – Facial Recognition, vehicle plate logging, CCTV, RFID, Nanotech weapons etc..