Internet Spying Brought Humanity All Together Say Experts

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - We're all one big spying family now say psychology experts at the Institute of Modern Mind.

Edward Snowden was possibly planned all along as there has been little or no reaction to the clanger that all internet traffic is watched, scrutinised and analysed.

“The people have accepted it. They do not mind, such is their addiction to technology and the internet has no secrets, it is one large hive family where all is known. This spying saga by the NSA has actually brought humanity together in one technological melting pot. The people are so pliant now that there is no question of outrage or rebellion, besides that would be quashed immediately as they could isolate trouble spots in a millisecond and crush it. We’re all one big family now. Your family sees all and think of the NSA, Facebook and others as parents. You are the children, and they watch your every move,” Clive Rhinoplaszt, one of the clinical psychologists at the Institute told the September edition of the Medical Journal.

The IMM also claims that Snowden was utilised by the NSA to fast forward integration. If everyone knows and does not mind that everything they do is being recorded, then implementation of the next stage will be easier.

Uncle Obama knows best and he authorised everything. He’s only doing good, so please do not for one second doubt his mission. Remember we have another three and a half years of his wonderful tenure left.