Chinese Space Rocket to Send 320 Thousand Astronauts Into Space At Once

BEIJING - China - The latest technical innovation from the Chinese Space Program will make history for space flight, says China's space chief, Lee Ping Hi.

Speaking at the China Space Agency in Beijing, Lee Ping Hi outlined how the latest incredible space innovation will revolutionise Chinese space travel.

“We have designed a rocket that can hold 320,000 Chinese astronauts to travel into space all at the same time. You can imagine the rocket boosters on the space vehicle. We are a nation of 1.6 billion people so we do not do things in a mediocre fashion,” Mr Hi said.

After fifteen years of research and trillions of Yuan, the special rockets will travel into orbit at 20,000 mph. Once the atmosphere is breached and the rocket reaches space, the craft will fly towards the latest space station being built for the Chinese Space crew.

“It will be incredible up there, and we can keep transporting space ship after space ship of Chinese into space. With 320,000 Chinese on the rocket, there will be need for restraint and understanding of toilet facilities and other such things,” Mr Hi added.

“We aim to make cheap plastic trinkets and mediocre products from space, then send them all back to earth,” commander of the space flight told the Chinese state news agency, Xinhua.

The monumental launch of the Chinese rocket will be in August 2013.