Futurologists and technicians across the globe who work for a consortium relating to the internet of the future reveal some of the features that will be present, and how the internet and information of today’s internet will be irrelevant and obsolete.

“Everything that is being written on social media today will be irrelevant and incompatible with the future internet, simply because of its banal nature.

“Ninety nine percent of the internet today is junk, it has no value or relevance to the prioritisation of humanity’s existential ennui.

“Where the 20th century was immortalised by great works of art, literature and political, philosophical thought written in books, the early internet age is one of disposable digital ephemera that can easily be altered and subverted, then pumped out to billions of humans who believe falsities without question. This malleable digital movement of mostly useless information does not hold any intrinsic value.

“There is little value in interpreting how humans lived from a future stance in the first internet because many humans presented a fake view of themselves on the internet. This hyper-schizoid internet personality presented by humans gives a fake view on humanity and the many characteristics of the human psyche, which diverges completely from the person’s off-line existence.

“The future internet will have no such falsities because it will be linked directly into the human neurologically. Although the human will have the ability to change their portrayed shape online, their original source will be recorded, and their original thought patterns mapped.

“The archaic method of accessing digital information through flat screens will be long gone, and access to thoughts, as well as transmitting feelings, images into the mind fluid hive mind will give the computational power of the new internet a much needed boost into ultra-digital-realism.

“Needless to say, the future internet will be a pure construct of the human persona and each individual’s neurons, synapses, and hemispheres will be mapped. One man’s cranial topology does not resemble another’s, this is why the internet of the future will be tailored for each individual brain.

“Deep neurological enhancement will function as a process aided by nanotechnology and chipping directly into the brain itself.

“Monopolies do not benefit innovation because they stifle competition and ultimately human freedom. We see this today, with vast internet monopolies who destroy smaller innovative companies they see as a threat, and are biased in their political allegiance to only one political party. In the USA, four monopolies exist in each sector all pledging allegiance to one singular political party and ideology. This bias has now created a one-sided internet where all other viewpoints or discourse are either censored or the perpetrators of said discourse are unplatformed, effectively erased from existence.

“The future internet will have today’s monopoly companies split up to facilitate a fair field for all innovators. The companies will still exist but in the capacity of lighter operations, and the unbiased a political stance will be strictly controlled. There will be no censorship to any human thought in the future internet, to do so would be contrary to the human condition as a whole. Human behaviour is not just about being pleasant all the time, there are many facets of human behaviour, and each part shall be as important as the other.

“Innovation is key to all that will come, and there will be many hurdles ahead. Artificial Intelligence will be the metre to increasing creative new avenues, from there AI will create its own digital universe, which will also impact the human physical plane, and the noosphere as a whole.

“Today the internet is in its infancy, people are still stuck to 2d screens, people and companies are restricted to bias and censorship of thought. These are archaic and pointless elements that will not be needed in the future. The future internet will be one of complete enhanced immersion and absorption where the physical will be indistinguishable from the digital, and where human emotion will be able to travel across in the globe in nanoseconds.

“The future internet will look upon today’s internet as a place where only 1% of its content has any value.”