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How Brits Use The Internet

LONDON - England - Brits don't only enjoy a good cuppa, they enjoy surfing the internet and conducting their business on it.

Britain is one of the most connected countries in the world and it infiltrates every element of their life. We take a look at the most popular ways Brits make use of the world wide web.

Social Media

Brits love social media. Whether it is tweeting about their day, connecting with friends on Facebook, or sharing their latest holiday pics on Instagram, very few Brits can say they go a day without any social media. As well as becoming a big part of relationships, it is also is becoming a way for businesses to connect with their audience or to creative different online movements and communities in Britain.


Citizens from the UK are some of the biggest online shoppers in the world. Brits can spend hours browsing the web searching for a new outfit for that big night out on the weekend or getting the latest bit of technology for a lower price than in-store. It’s not just staying stylish and cutting edge though, as even the older generation who are less mobile or busier with high-level employment are making use of online shopping at supermarkets delivery service in order to save themselves a shopping trip.


Having to tune in at a specific time to catch your weekly soap or reality tv program is a thing of the past. Nowadays, with the busy lives everyone is living they don’t have time to structure their lives around TV. As such, TV channels now offer a comprehensive selection of their programming online so you can watch things as and when they feel like on demand. The same goes for films, with film streaming sites being the preferred option for UK viewers.


The British people have always loved a fritter and used to flock to bookmakers each week to place a bet on horse race or football match or travel to a casino to play their favourite casino games. Now online casinos are a thing, users can now log on to a casino on the internet to play online slots, roulette, blackjack or any other casino game. As well as place a bet on a sporting event as and when they want.


Getting a job has been made a lot easier in Britain thanks to the internet. They can often find jobs either directly on a company of their choice’s website, or by visiting job specialist sites that email them daily with the jobs in their field of expertise. They can complete the entire job application, including an interview over a video chat, via the internet. Saving both the candidate and the company a lot of time and effort.


Finding love online is now a much more preferred option over going out to a bar or social event to meet someone. There are plenty of sites out there where single people meet, chat and arrange real-life meetings in the hope of finding the one.

As you can see a diverse selection of uses, a testament to the way the internet has revolutionised the way people live their lives in the UK.

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