Google Maps Wants to Look Inside Your Body

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - Google maps intends to map the internal human body of each person in the world by 2021.

Google Maps has mapped pretty much every part of the world, including under the sea, and space, however the company wants to go one step further — your internal body.

Google Maps chief engineer, Rama Bangalawa, wants every global person to have their internal body mapped.

“We insert the camera through your rectum. Do not worry, the camera is only 12 inches in diameter and will not be intrusive. Then we push it all around your insides mapping the data which is then publicly available to whoever wants to see it. Like, say I want to see my girlfriend’s left kidney or ovaries, just type it up on our Google Maps app, and you will have all the photos there.”

Asked whether the new internal body mapping initiative is a bit intrusive, Google denied any invasion of privacy.

“It is our policy to map every part of the globe, and you as a human inhabit that sphere of data input. This is not an invasion of privacy but a right that our company is entitled to.”

The body map will go all the way up to the brain. That’s a long way to go from your rectum. Yowzer!