'Climate Change' Caused by Earth's Atmosphere Say Scientists

LONDON - England - Prominent experts in 'climate change' who are conducting research for the Institute of Climate have revealed for the first time the truth about climate change.

“The earth is heated by the sun when it is day time and in the night it is cool because the sun is on the other side of the earth. This is the secret of climate change, and what’s more, we have discovered that this process has been happening since the earth’s beginnings. Isn’t that incredible?” professor Michael Hunt told the New Scientist magazine.

Climate experts all over the world who have been commissioned by governments to create a charging system so that all humans have to pay even more taxes to breathe the air have all however discounted professor Hunt’s findings.

“Do not listen to professor Hunt, he’s a ****! First we had ‘Global Warming’ but that fizzled out because the masses just did not take to it. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with ‘Climate Change’. Now, you can’t come up with a better idea than that to reduce the population. It was genius I tell you,” climate expert, Von Braun Himmler said at a Fabian society meeting on Tuesday.

Professor Hunt was also quoted as saying: “Sometimes the earth’s atmosphere gets cooler and other times hotter. Sometimes these periods of hotness and coolness last for thousands of years and sometimes for millions. The earth’s climate changes all the time, therefore the big boys who pay my funding have come up with an amazing scam to f*ck the people over even further. Although it is the robber barons who, from time immemorial, have been digging up and plundering the earth’s resources to the point of exhaustion so that they could make themselves very very rich, are now saying that the ordinary humans are the problem. The same people who are the biggest polluters and destroyers of the earth’s resources are now saying that you are the burden on the environment. You exist, and that is bad enough for the climate. The masses are the problem for the elite and that is why they’ve thought up this ‘climate change’ scam. They know full well that the climate has been changing since the Big f*cking Bang, but they’re saying now that ‘climate change’ only started a few years ago and you and I should be taxed and exterminated off this earth because of their greed and hypocrisy.

“They will now use the ‘climate change’ scam to shut down the human race once and for all. The human population is now a severe embarrassment to the elite controllers. I know what they are saying at the top because I have to meet these reptiles every day and say yes to them as they get closer every second of the day to their ultimate mission and dream.”

Unfortunately for professor Hunt, after divulging the ‘climate change’ revelations, he was taken from his family home in an unmarked car two days ago and has not been seen since.