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Kerry Leaves Six Kilo Cocaine Bag at Bus Stop

WARRINGTON - Cheshire - Kerry Katona was today cautioned by police for leaving a six kilogram bag of pure uncut cocaine at a bus stop yards from a police station.

Troubled Kerry, 28, allegedly left a large bag of pure uncut Colombian cocaine at a bus stop outside a police station in Warrington, Cheshire, shortly before 4pm.

After the police slowly sauntered out of the station to inspect the massive stash, a police source said: “Ms Katona had left her bag of cocaine behind so I retrieved the bag before any other person would violate the property of Ms Katona and handed the yayo back to her. This however, should not be viewed as lenient behaviour regarding Ms Katona’s very obvious cocaine addiction. We decided to give her a verbal caution for possessing huge amounts of pure uncut Colombian marching powder and then sent her on her way.

“She would have got a stern, verbal warning – and this would have been delivered by an officer of traffic warden-rank or below.”

And the shocking revelation comes just 22 minutes after it emerged that the cash-strapped mother-of-four was seen sniffing copious amounts of cocaine in front of two police vans full of police men and women as well as eight drug sniffer dogs.

She was summarily reprimanded with a police caution for possessing cocaine that time as well.

Friends said Kerry fears she will now be at the centre of an intense social services investigation after admitting to snorting the drug in front of her and others’ children in the local playground.

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