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How Americans Stood By While Communist Chinese Censors Took Over Internet

LONDON - England - We are reaching a peak point in history where China and its Communist values are winning over Democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of expression in all Western media.

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Hey, it’s nothing to do with me, it happened to someone else, they were censored — not me! Only Communists do that sort of thing. Surely, it is not happening here in the West?


Once one person is censored, the opposition of those who control the media network will be censored.

Take one person down, then you are next.

You are now complying to rules on the internet being set up by Chinese orientated censorship being utilised by American tech companies and their monopolistic control of the Western internet zone.

Chinese Communist Influence

These techniques utilised by U.S. social media companies to censor whole sectors of the population purely on their political beliefs or affiliation, are intrinsically a form of bias that affects elections. You see, if you take out the opposition, there will only be one voice left, and this is what they are doing ahead of the U.S. midterm elections.

If the current U.S. administration does nothing now to curb this bias by halting the social media companies and their censorious actions, then the U.S. administration will not have a voice of supporters left and will lose the midterm elections. This is how serious the situation is right now.

Infiltration of Chinese operatives is already deep in American tech companies serving the Communist Chinese state, but it also now extends to prominent Washington think tanks seeking to destabilise U.S democracy further.

The Communist leaning social media sites have even admitted their bias, however, nothing is done to address this. To have a predominantly left leaning media controlling all thought is something that aspires to Orwellian dystopian nightmares but blink again, because this is fucking reality, right now!

The Purge

In no uncertain terms, the internet is now being taken over, not only by Chinese censors, but by Soviet EU technocrats and their love of over regulation. We recently witnessed the ridiculous EU regulationary diktats which caused a major upset globally when they enforced their rules on all website owners regarding GDPR. Any global site now not adhering to EU regulations will be fined hundreds of thousands of euros. The EU is also holding onto another directive which may be unloaded soon on the unsuspecting internet — the copyright directive, effectively banning linking to other sites. If this EU directive comes into effect, much of the internet will become technically illegal, thus susceptible to large EU fines.

Digital Gulag

Communist China, now finances much of American media, online and offline. Hollywood films are now geared to Chinese censor’s needs, not only because Chinese finances are involved but because the companies want to sell their wares in China. Therefore, any Hollywood film you see today has been specifically made with Communist China in mind.

One only had to watch ‘The Meg’, a lacklustre film with an imaginary CGI Megalodon shark. The film seems to be totally based on Chinese characters, with Chinese sensibilities and a clear propaganda drive by China to push Chinese Communist values globally. The Meg’s budget is estimated at $150 million, “Meg” is co-financed by Flagship Entertainment, Gravity Pictures, a division of China Media Capital (CMC) and Warner Bros.

It is this idealogical shift towards Communist values and Communist censorship which has overtaken American ideals like freedom of speech, and freedom of expression across the globe today, and if nothing is done, there will be no difference between the Communist Chinese Internet and that of the whole globe.

The fundamental global shift towards communism is a worrying one. We only have to look at the human rights record of China to see what happens when people express their intrinsic human right to free speech. Many people simply just disappear, never to be seen again, and their voices silenced forever.


Black Mirror

The Communist Chinese also now rate their citizens, and if you do not get a good citizen rating, you are effectively punished and removed from society. If you are not a good Communist state follower, you are erased. Much like how Alex Jones, from Infowars was practically erased from the internet in one single day, American tech conglomerates are enacting Communist censorship punishment techniques to achieve their goals. Facebook is now secretly rating their users in a similar way the Communist Chinese are doing.

Communism is not only a political ideology that has been responsible for 100 million deaths worldwide through various purges and regimes, but it is an ideology which is fundamentally counter to Western democratic values and freedoms. The American Socialist party, the Democrat Party, are increasingly moving even more left and embracing the tenets of Communism. With upcoming Marxist indoctrinated political new bloods like Democrat candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who aspires to eradicate capitalism in America and bring in a pseudo socialist/Marxist state modelled on Venezuela, there is a worrying change for the once centred Democrat party, i.e. they’re turning to pure Communist ideology.

Whether we have extremities of the left or right is not in question here, of course, both extreme ways is an abhorrent methodology in political movements, and we at the Daily Squib are mere observers. Please understand, we do not pledge allegiance to any political theory, party or ideology. Our role is merely to observe what is going on, and bring forth a mirror image, or photographic snapshot of any moment in historic time. Even though we have been wrongly censored ourselves for simply observing something neutrally, we still plan to operate, even within the current climate of mass censorship.

If no one does anything now, America dies, the West dies, and so does any inkling of what little freedoms we have left surviving as well.


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