Make It Virtual: What Online Casinos Have that Land-based Casinos Don’t

LONDON – England – Playing casino games online is a British tradition, much like a cup of Rosy Lee or scolding migrants for taking our jobs.

Back in the mid-1990s, a British company called Microgaming started the whole thing by mixing casino games with secure online payments. The company’s owners were smart – they left the whole “promotion and competition” thing to their customers, providing them with the software to run on their websites instead. In the last two decades, the number of no deposit casinos UK players can play at has grown exponentially, providing them with an amazing variety of games to play, along with a nice and entertaining way to kill time.

If you are a frequent visitor at the Genting or a lifetime member at The Aspers, you might not feel the need to try playing online. Yet there are quite a few reasons why you might consider at least giving it a try.

Muhammad and the mountain

“If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain”, Francis Bacon wrote in his Essays, probably based on a Turkish saying (but it sounds much better if we quote a famous English philosopher than an unknown Turkish imam). The same was the case with casinos in the past: if the games didn’t come to you, you were the one who had to go to them. This was all fine, of course, until the internet came along, turning many of us into lazy couch potatoes that won’t lift a finger if not forced to. Thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s work, the mountain can finally come to Muhammad – and casinos can finally come to us.

A comfortable environment

No matter where you are, you’ll never feel as relaxed and free than at home. Casinos have environments carefully crafted to make you feel like playing just another round but no matter what they do, they won’t be as comfy as your favourite armchair in your own (or your rented) living room. With online casinos, you have everything covered: you can sit back as comfortably as you want, with your own fridge and your own toilet just a few steps away, and play your favourite games on a laptop or a smartphone. What’s even better: you can take them with you to the fridge and to the toilet if you want to – something that would attract a few disapprobatory glances if you attempted in a land-based casino.

No need to dress up

There’s one thing at land-based casinos that online casinos will never have: a dress code. For as long as they are concerned, you can play in your undergarments, wear your most dishevelled hairdo, and no makeup at all. You can play naked for all they care – another thing that would be quite conspicuous and frowned upon at a land-based casino.