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Boxing Day DEALS – The Best Offers REVEALED – KNOCK OUT Prices!

LONDON - England - This Boxing Day we have compiled some of the best deals you can find on the internet and in the shop sales.


Every year Boxing Day sees shoppers take to stores both physically and online to take advantage of major superb fantastic discounts.

This holiday season is no different with stores all giving customers a legion of tantalising deals.

The myriad of amazing discounts offered is astounding to say the least, it will boggle your mind, blow your gaskets and flatten you with a pounding right hook to the noggin.

This year has been incredibly innovative with products that have taken the market by storm with truly innovative features that will have you salivating over your shirt, and shouting at the top of your face ‘Just take my money!’.

Meanwhile, some of the deals are incredibly enticing, 50% off, 75% off, 100% off, and even 180% off.

Everything has dramatically fallen in price since they were first introduced and will surely be even more affordable on Boxing day.

DailySquib.co.uk will be updating this page live to bring you the best Boxing Day deals as they emerge.

Here are just some of the deals that will knock you the fuck out:

Boxing Day Deals

1 – Gallant Black-Target Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag – Excellent Quality Heavy Duty Punch Bag/Kick Boxing/Martial Ats/MMA Dummy Equipment 2017

2 – Boxing Reflex Ball Great for Training to Improve Reactions and Speed, Boxing Gym Equipment Super for Both Training and Fitness

3 – HOMCOM Speedball Platform Punch Bag Frame Swivel Bracket MMA Exercise Training Workout w/Ball

4 – RDX Punch Bag Filled Set Kick Boxing MMA Heavy Training Muay Thai Gloves Punching Mitts Hanging Chain Wall Bracket Anchor Rope Martial Arts 4FT 5FT

5 – COSTWAY Sit Up Bench, Folding AB Abdominal Crunch Exercise Board, Weight Bench for Home Gym, with Boxing Ball, a Pair of Dumbbell and Train Ropes

6 – Everlast Pro Style Boxing Training Gloves – 14oz, Black

7 – adidas Boxschuh Box Hog 2, Unisex Boxing, black, 10 UK (44 2/3 EU)

8 – Heavy Filled 11 Piece 5ft Boxing Punch Bag Set Gloves Bracket Chains MMA Pad

9 – vidaXL Boxing Machine 2 Way Boxing Stand Training Punch Bag Ball Speedball Plate

10 – Old School Boxing Fitness: How to Train Like a Champ

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