Recently the President of the USA together with the first lady confirmed they had both tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The news was received with mixed feelings among members of the public; with some saying, he deserved it. This is in reference to him saying the COVID-19 is a hoax.

Trump has been on different occasions quoted saying the deadly virus that affected the whole world is a hoax. However, some experts are saying his diagnosis could affect the election that is around the corner. Can it also affect online gambling? Visit to learn more about the impact of Covid-19 on gambling online.

Elections in the USA

The year 2020 is an election year for the United States of America and it has already had its enough share of national crises. Hence, the news that Trump and his wife tested positive for COVID-19 added more chaos to the already chaotic situation.

The news however, has helped to some extend settle the focus of the campaign for Democratic nominee Joe Biden. He has for months been giving a lot of emphasis on how Trump was responding to the pandemic. COVID-19 has since killed more than 200 000 people in the United States of America since its outbreak.

Trump on the other hand has been dealt with a difficult hand. This is because he will not be able to do his public rallies since he is stuck in quarantine. These rallies are of paramount to the current President Donald Trump since they help fuel his campaign. While this affects the world, many people in other countries including South Africa, are not really affected and opt to play games at sites such as sagamblingsites online casino despite what’s happening in the world.

Comparison between Trump and Biden

Facts show that Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been more cautious during his campaigns. He has had fewer public events and all of them were in line with the social distancing guidelines. Even his travel itinerary is different compared to that of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the top of advisor of Trump did not quickly respond to the questions concerning how the president will adjust his campaign strategy going forward.