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NHS Prepared For Ebola?

LONDON - England - As the daily Ebola infected arrive in the UK from African destinations, there is nothing to worry about if you think you have been infected with Ebola says the NHS.

“Ebola can be carried in any bodily fluid, sweat, tears, minuscule water droplets in someone’s breath, semen, blood, faeces and vomit. But there’s nothing to worry about as the flights from places like Liberia, Sierra Leone and other African countries arrive daily into the UK’s porous borders. It’s of course not only African flights, because many of the infected usually transit in mainland Europe before arriving in the UK. There is no screening, and the infected may not show any symptoms for 21 days. During that 21 day period, one person can infect thousands, especially through sexual relations. There is a suspicion that Ebola is airborne, it is highly likely that tiny water droplets in human breath can easily transmit Ebola when it is carried in the air to other hosts.

However, this Ebola mass infection does pose a few questions for the NHS. For example, if thousands of patients descend onto any hospital simultaneously will there be enough secure treatment rooms available? Most hospitals in England and Wales are hugely understaffed and overcrowded, mainly because of the treatment of immigrants from poor Eastern European countries wanting free health care. It does not take a brain surgeon to realise that any further influx of Ebola infected patients will seriously impact on already straining NHS hospitals and rapidly descend into chaos, thus infecting people further.

The UK is at an advantage with being an island only if it stops all air travel, as this is not economically viable for corporations and the British economy, airports will thus be left open to massive influxes from Africa and the Third World eventually leading to a possible pandemic of Ebola. If the UK shut all ports of entry during the coming Ebola global pandemic, then it would have a chance of survival, however the current government’s slack, apathetic attitude could lead to an eradication of large swathes of the British population in the foreseeable future.

There are further factors that will increase the severity of the Ebola virus: the virus is transmitted through sexual relations, as most Africans and other blacks have a high voracity for sexual relations, once they infect any member of the indigenous populations, then the virus will spread like wildfire. All it takes is some Ebola infected person to go to a nightclub and infect hundreds, as for the promiscuous nature of large portions of the public, this would be worse than AIDS because even the mildest of human contact will allow it to spread.

We are seeing incidents of doctors and nurses, heavily suited top to toe in hazmat suits, wearing filtration masks becoming infected whilst treating Ebola patients, putting this into consideration, what hope does someone in a crammed underground train have of not being infected?

The onus lies in survival. If the government were serious about Ebola they would stop air and sea traffic immediately, or prescribe a 25 day quarantine period for any travellers from outside the UK.

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