Mexican Food Eaten the Right Way

LOS ANGELES - USA - You just ate a heavy burrito and it's sitting heavy in your stomach. Wait until tomorrow when you really feel the effect. But hang on a minute, it does not have to be that way.

Yoga Mexican food is the new craze taking Hollywood by storm. Celebrities like the Kardashians and Alec Baldwin are embracing the Burrito School of Yoga situated in Beverly Hills, where disciples complete complicated yogic exercises whilst eating their bean-laden Mexican food in class.

“Some of the classes can get a tad stinky because people who are eating their burritos or greasy enchiladas break serious wind during the yoga sessions. I’ve seen one woman break wind so hard a piece of sweetcorn got lodged in the ventilation grill at the back of the class. Kind of puts you off a bit,” Russell Brand, a regular at the classes revealed.

If you are tempted to join a class near you, remember to bring an extra pair of underwear.