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The Daily Squib Anthology, a Wayward Christmas Fart From the Wilderness

LONDON - England - Christmas flatulence is rife at this time of the year, so why not waft it around with a copy of the Daily Squib Anthology?

It is still not too late to purchase a Christmas price reduced copy of the Daily Squib Anthology, which are currently selling like hot idioms from a frazzled copy of the Oxford Dictionary.

Showcasing fifteen long years of internet satire, the book, much like the Daily Squib, is a wayward satirical fart from the wilderness. You see, it’s because we do not comply, we do not conform, and we certainly do not kowtow to any rules laid out by media monstrosities we are rather unique in our delivery of ye olde Juvenalian satire. The Squib does not follow ‘fashion’ in any way or shape.

If you are somewhat of a non-conforming maverick, give the book a go, because the main thesis of the entire anthology is a brazen middle finger pointed at pretty much everything and everyone within this pallid malevolent woke society foisted upon us by deranged control-freaks and authoritarian pseudo-Marxists who seek to take over every facet of our lives.

We give no quarter to these autocratic dictators sitting in their mansions with their ill-gotten gains or the weak fuckers below them who follow without any question as they are steered over the cliff one by one in an orderly manner. The ultimate philosophy of our book is that there must be another way than this, than what we have at the moment, and we must not as a human race revel in mediocrity and putrid banality but choose a path of supreme virtuosity and maybe some forgotten freedom.

If you do thus crave freedom from all of this malodorous manure ejaculated from the puckered anuses of the supreme narcissistic controlling self-appointed pompous dictators of all thought and righteousness — then buy the book, one of the last remnants of freedom left — and this is why they hate us so much, and why they have done everything to try to shut us down simply for exerting our pure human right to freedom of speech and expression.

You can purchase the Daily Squib Anthology at Curtis Press reduced to £9.95 (Retail £17.95) for a limited period.



  1. I actually bought the anthology last year and this year I bought two copies for my friends. Love the Squib man you guys are my heroes. Fight the woke pieces of sh8t.

  2. l’un des meilleurs sites de satire qui ait survécu car beaucoup sont édulcorés de conneries pathétiques et triviales

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