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Harry and Meghan Plan on Wearing Silly Costumes to King Charles Coronation

LONDON - England - Harry and Meghan plan on wearing silly costumes and shouting during the coronation of King Charles.

Insiders within the Harry and Meghan circle are discussing a plan to disrupt and upstage King Charles III and Queen Camilla by wearing silly costumes during the King’s coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey in May.

According to insiders, the pesky duo, who are a serious thorn in the side to The Firm, will appear from a pink carriage drawn by a set of South African wart hogs. When the carriage stops at Westminster Abbey, Harry and Meghan will alight from the carriages wearing their costumes and go to their seats on all fours whooping like hyenas.

The carriage holding the deranged couple is currently being shipped over from Coney Island, USA.

Artist Josh Neuhart, who designed the carriage spent over eight months painting and constructing the Harry and Meghan extravaganza.

“It’s absolutely fabulous, we have these garish LED lights all over the canopy, and the pièce de résistance is a group of massive spotlights and glitter bombs shooting off everywhere. Ejaculating over the crowds resplendently. During the procession, loudspeakers will hail the crowd with cheap pop music from Beyonce, and rapper Jay Z and a group of midgets will throw copies of Prince Harry’s new book into the baying British crowds.”

All of this will of course be filmed by a massive team of approximately 200 Netflix film crew following each moment as it happens.

If this does not upstage King Charles and his Queen, the Montecito couple will be shouting random Tourette’s style words out during the ceremony, as well as whistling and grunting like farm animals.


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