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Kanye West Now Planning to Invade Poland

DETROIT - USA - Now pop rapper Kanye West has declared his ambition to invade the country of Poland, just like his hero Hitler did in 1939.

Pop Antares autotune rapper Kanye West has told media outlets that he is now planning an invasion of Poland, much like his hero Adolf Hitler did in 1939 which sparked off World War II.

“I is gon invades da Poland ‘n’ shiet, namsayin? All y’all jooz betta get reddy fo’ ma muffugin invasions ‘n’ shiet! Where iz dat place?” (pointing at Australia on a map)

According to reports West then called his bank and asked for a loan to buy tanks, artillery, Stuka aircraft, and lots of pepperoni pizza.

“I axed da bank nigga, I axed him fo’ some dough, ya nah, hit me up wit’ sum guap. We only talkin’ $800 Mill it lak pocket change fo’ da Yee! Da muffugga must be a Joo cuz he refused my ass! Bitch azz nigga musta bin a Joo!”

Not to be dissuaded by the bank manager’s rejection, Kanye is now following the tradition of Hitler by asking for funding from the Harriman and Bush family, who happily funded Adolf Hitler helping him to build up the German army and his subsequent rise to power.

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