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Man on Deathbed Wishes He Spent More Time on Facebook

OREGON - USA - Joel Wisehammer, 58, today revealed some very touching regrets about his life before he sadly passed away.

People have many regrets and when the time comes to check out from this world, some regrets hurt more than others.

Forget about canoeing up the Amazon river, or traversing the Kalahari desert, skydiving over Baja or enjoying a relaxing cocktail on the tree tops hotel in Kenya. Millions of people worldwide reveal their life regrets as the time they spent on social networking sites.

People like Joel Wisehammer who was profoundly saddened that he did not spend more time on Facebook aimlessly wiling away the hours talking about nothing much in particular.

Look at the meal I had today, here is a photo of said meal, look at the drink I drank today, yes I had two cups, look at the day time TV show I watched today, do you want to be friends with me?

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