Boehner to Sing Castrato in GOP Choir

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Republican House Speaker, John Boehner has signed up to the GOP choir as a castrato singer local news stations are reporting from America's capital.

Looking a tad yellow, the House Speaker told news reporters that he had found his true voice.

“You know I love singing with a high voice, especially as I’ve had my testicles removed during the recent government shut down. I’ve heard my dear friend Obama is gonna come and watch me sing. Ain’t that sweet.”

Some of the songs Boehner and the Republicans will be singing are:

Away in a Furlough

Come Let Us Worship Obama

Count Your Yella Blessings

Hark the Herald Veterans Sing

Humble Thyself in the Sight of Obammy

and finally

I Surrender All