Daily Squib World Cup Offer Giving Away Free Vuvuzela CD to Every Reader

LONDON - England - Every lucky Daily Squib reader can now get their own eagerly awaited FREE vuvuzela album simply by phoning our dedicated telephone number.

Exclusive Only to the Daily Squib

We are giving away the world renowned vuvuzela orchestra CD to every reader of the Daily Squib. To claim your FREE CD offer, just telephone the number below and we will send the album to you free of charge.

Phone: 0845 111 0000 to claim your free Vuvuzela CD (calls cost £35/second)

Listen to Vuvuzela FM, a radio station dedicated to the wonder of the vuvuzela and that should hold you over until your free vuvuzela CD arrives in the post.

The Vuvuzela Orchestra of South Africa consists of 200 vuvuzela musicians who contribute to over 800 minutes of spectacular vuvuzela compositions on the CD.

You too can relive the 2010 World Cup experience simply by putting your headphones on, cranking up the volume to 120 dB and incurring permanent hearing loss.